Thank You Jenny Levine, ALA Staff, & Attendees

Thank you for the Games, Learning, & Libraries Symposium last week. There are so many thank yous and compliments I want to share with those who organized the event.

Thank you Jenny.
And thank you to those I had the fortune to meet there as well. Thank you all.

The highest compliment I can give is that as a result of ideas generated from the symposium, I'm already integrating and planning the coming academic year with new videogames and videogame strategies in mind.

I've already written a number of posts about the sessions themselves and my reflections on them. And I intended to have a write up on my reflections and applications from James Paul Gee keynote at GLLS 2007, but my ideas continued to expand. The applications of Gee's 12 principles discussed at GLLS grew well beyond the length of parts I - IV of my Henry Jenkins' reflections.

Thus, starting next week, I am going to walkthrough each of Gee's 36 videogame and learning principles and discuss them in relation to information literacy & academic libraries. The intent of this 18 day long series is not to review Gee's principles out of "What Video Game have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy." That's what Gee's excellent book is for.

My goal is to provide library applications, including specific examples, to his principles. The discussion of these principles and their applications should provide interested libraries (or those energized by GLLS) a way to start modifying and "leveling-up" their information literacy programs for the coming year.

Thank you again Jenny. I'll just wrap up my discussions on GLLS 2007, with some photos of the open gaming night, via Flickr's ALA GLLS2007. The first picture is of Nemo betting me at DDR. The second is of Timothy Greig and I playing WarioWare Smooth Moves on the Wii. And finally, below, is a quick pick up Nintendo DS wi-fi match with the rhythm game Elite Beat Agents.


Timothy Greig said...

Dude, check it out: This depicts that fateful moment when you pwned me with a red shell and zipped past me over the finish line, robbing me of second place! Such drama. Well played.

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