Ask Mii: Gotta Catch `Em All

We launched our Mii Trading Card Contest today during our 1st year orientation sessions. And much to my surprise it's been pretty successful. I assumed that people would take part over the first few weeks, but I did not foresee dozens of people roaming around the library on Friday searching out the library staff for their Mii cards.

I first wrote about this idea, back in this post. Since then the idea has simplified a little but the objectives of it are the same. Each library staff member has a Mii trading card that the students can collect. Students only need to ask a library staff member for their card to collect it. A full set of staff cards results in a cookie from the coffee shop (located in the library) and the student is entered into a drawing for larger prizes.

The idea is that the students have a chance to interact with the entire library staff and we are already seeing the benefits. Our acquisitions staff member had a conversation with a student who was talking to her parents about how she enjoyed the campus. The Mii card contest is creating interactions with students and staff that don't usually happen.

I'll report more on the activity after the first couple of weeks. I'm hoping that these interactions and connections between staff and students continue and grow over the semester.

(my Mii card has an error on it... can you spot it? Does that mean it will be a limited edition?)


Kevin said...


A rookie card *with* an error?

Priceless!! :)

How do you make your cards? I might want to have one of my own.