Fantasy Football Instruction: Trouble Shooting

The students were initially skeptical, and given the limited number that previously played fantasy football could have appeared dead in the water. Two things to keep in mind when you are planning:

NOTE1: I had assumed the worst and planned accordingly. While the students may not play fantasy football, they know football. This fact kept them interested and quickly re-engaged them.

NOTE2: Although the NCAA does not allow active players to play fantasy sports, due to the potential for gambling, the student athletes are still aware of what fantasy sports are. The lesson does not advocate playing fantasy football. The research question the students are presented with is more about who will be the third best RB in the NFL this year, which happens to coincide with the third overall fantasy football player.

If (when) you try this with your student athletes, don’t worry when these happen. You and the students will get through it. The inclusion of Vince Young, his quarterback value, and the “Madden Curse” got the majority of people back into the session. Many knew what it was and they started engaging each other describing who the players were that “suffered” the curse. This interested was used as momentum for the rest of the session.

Thanks for all support and questions. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.