Mapping Madden: Inside the huddle with information literacy

Earlier this week I talked about playing Madden Football and information literacy. Here are some gameplay examples to the outcomes that I mapped out:

1.1.c. Explores general information sources to increase familiarity with the topic
Using the in-game tutorial helps introduce the gameplay; Reading reviews online to get an understanding of the gameplay and features

1.1.f. Recognizes that existing information can be combined with original thought, experimentation, and analysis to produce new information
During the draft, I use the scouting reports generated by the game to evaluate players, and then draft through a combination of original thought and game analysis

1.2.f. Realizes that information may need to be constructed with raw data from primary sources
Sometimes during the drafting process, scouting reports are not available. Then decisions are made based on an analysis of the player's existing statistics

1.3.a. Determines the availability of needed information and makes decisions on broadening the information seeking process
Determining my teams' needs and filling them is not done through the draft alone. If a player type (needed info.) is not available, I expand the search through team trades and the free agency market.

2.4.a. Assesses the quantity, quality and relevance of the search results to determine whether alternative information retrieval systems or investigative methods should be utilized
During the draft, the quality of scouting reports becomes a factor, and needs to be evaluated in order to make a draft decision.

2.4.b. Identify gaps in the information retrieved and determine if the search strategy should be revised
Assessing my team needs and player positions, identifies needs. During the off season, I need to determine if these needs can be filled through the draft, or if I need to expand to trades and free agency.

2.5.b. Creates a system for organizing the information
Because of the statistics I'm culling through, I often keep a paper grid recording the information and organizing it to determine the best fit for my team needs.

3.4.a. Determines whether information satisfies the research or other information need
Before signing to my team, I need to determine if he fits the team's need.

3.4.c. Draws conclusions based upon information gathered
Once all the information is gathered, I need to determine which player(s) to sign.

4.1.b. Articulates knowledge and skills transferred from prior experiences to planning and creating the product or performance
I draw upon previous experience and knowledge from previous games and previous seasons in the game when beginning a new season.

4.2.b. Reflects on past success, failures and alternative strategies
This happens in the off-season player signing, an in the successful strategies from game to game and play to play.

4.3.a. Choose a communication medium and format that best supports the purposes of the product
There are a large number of online forums and discussions boards relating to Madden and online gameplay, all offering ways to communicate with other players.

5.2.a. Participates in electronic discussions following accepted practices
Same as above in 4.3.a

Managing a franchise in Madden involves a skill set that includes all the analysis, planning, and searching hit upon a wide number of ACRL Information Literacy Standards.

Symptoms diagnosed from:
Information literacy competency standards for higher education. (2000). [Brochure]. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries

images from IGN


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