GamerDad teams up with Research Quest

Over the past few weeks, I've exchanged messages with Andrew Bub from about a project he is working on. I was happy to assist in the organization of his project and now it looks like it is turning into a more formal relationship.

Gamerdad needs research assistance on a variety of video game related topics and I'm the guy. I can't say too much about the project yet, but I know I'll be talking about some of the results from my literature search here on ResearchQuest.

I respect Andrew's work, and I'm glad to be a part of something that will really expand the message of Gamerdad. Here's a segment of that message from the gamerdad FAQ:

GamerDad exists because I think there are parents out there who want straight talk about gaming. Want to share games with their kids or at least learn about what their kids are playing. Maybe they want to talk to other GamerParents and kids about why they love games, why their kids love games, and what games are good.