Getting Ready for the Symposium

Is there a better way to get ready for the ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, & Libraries Symposium than to have Jenny Levine, theshiftedlibrarian herself, speak highly of you?

I am hoping that some of you out there are planning on going. If so, I would enjoy meeting you are sharing ideas about incorporating gaming strategies into information literacy. If you are not going, please check back frequently, I will be blogging about the sessions I attend (as I'm sure many librarians will). Or if you want a conversation, I will be using the Symposium's Meebo Chat Room. My meebo screen name (also AIM, Yahoo, & Google) is "dbqhams." Hopefully I'll talk to you soon.

I am thankful for the feedback and positive comments today from Jenny Levine and Mary Jane at ACRL. Thank you both. Thank you for the work you are doing Jenny. I'm honored by Mary Jane's request to add myself to the ACRL member's profile page. It's a page with filled 60 names that I respect. I am humbled to be considered among them. Thank you.