A Nasty Habit

I’ve developed a nasty habit over this past month. And no, it's not giving my child white wine to cook diner with. Between work, the draft of an article and trying to get my 2 year old to fall asleep on his own, I’ve started a lot more blog posts than I’ve published. And even those that I did publish this month came in batches. I developed the nasty habit of starting blog posts and never finishing them.

I’m sorry. And thank you for those of you that are still reading this blog. Sure it’s the summertime and things often slow down. I’ve spent more time on non-video game related information literacy issues this past month. Granted that’s important as well, and as I’ve said before, video games are another potential instructional tool in reaching our students and engaging them in class.

Now, I do believe it is a successful piece of instructional technology and pedagogy. And thus, this July should see an increase in my writing focused on video games and information literacy. With the Games, Learning, and Society conference in Madison coming up in two weeks and the ALA Gaming and Libraries Symposium later this month there should be quite a bit to talk about.

July’s a good month to brainstorm ideas for the coming year, so please join in the conversation and let’s see what kind of ideas we can develop that incorporate video games and gaming strategies in our information literacy programs