Getting Ready for E3 - Following Game Blogs

The "new" E3 Media & Business Summit starts this Wednesday, July 11-13th. Now I won't take time to explain the "new" part of this media event, but most major video game producers and publishers will be there to show off products to the media. This event is worthwhile for librarians and educators, even if you are not interested in the new announcement about Rock Band. Trends games, and industry developments are useful in finding new and creative ways to apply video games in our teaching.

Because of this event and the massive amount of news stories and blog posts that it will generate, I want to encourage you to grab a few RSS feeds from video game sites. MTV recently posted a list of the top 10 video game blogs. Any top ten list will alway generate controversy, and this is no exception. Dan Dormer, of Video Game Media Watch, wrote an article criticizing some of MTV's picks and suggesting his own top 10.

I'm thankful for Dormer's list in part because I respect the intentional journalistic integrity of VGM Watch, but also because I agree with his suggestions. Many of Dormer's suggestions are more professional and approach gaming journalism as such. While I do not subscribe to all of the sites on either list (6 of the 10 on Dormer's list, 2 of 10 on MTV's), I grab feeds from elsewhere as well (if you are interested in my list let me know).

I encourage you to check some of these out and subscribe, if you don't already, and get ready to see what happens at E3 this week.