Can you find Mii?

Now I know this is very 6 months ago, but we've never had the chance to use Mii's before in student orientations. And thanks to the Miieditor we are incorporating them into our planning for the fall semester.

Our library will create Mii cards of each staff member (and yes, each staff member will be able to create their own Mii if they choose) and use them to help introduce the library staff (professional and para-professional) to the incoming freshmen class.

The Mii card activity involves the students matching up each staff member's Mii to the real person. The goal is to get to know each staff member, what that staff member does, and how it helps you (as a student) succeed. We are planning a Mii card collection activity very similar to what I outlined in April as a librarian trading card game.

I know our library is not alone in creating trading cards, but this is more than a substitute business card. What other ways are you tying in trading cards, avatars, or Miis to your information literacy or orientation programs?


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