Personal highlights from the 1st day of GLLS 07

Random highlights from the 1st day of GLLS 07:

  • Struck up a conversation with Henry Jenkins on the airport shuttle about comic books and some of his upcoming projects
  • Henry Jenkins keynote was excellent and gave me more ideas for research and applications to information literacy
  • Met Timothy Greig who I’ve chatted with before on his blog
  • Met Nemo Neiburger (Eli’s 5 year old son) and found out about his present from the Tooth Fairy
  • Got schooled by Nemo in the DDR tourney
  • Stole 2nd place from Timothy Greig (a red shell just before the finish line) in the Mario Kart: Double Dash tourney

Overall the first day was filled with some great conversations with attendees. I got some good ideas and met a lot of people I’ve followed online for a while. GLLS07 started off excellent and I’m looking forward to the next to days… stay tuned.

Thanks Beth Gallaway, the information goddess, for the Flickr photos