Games+Learning+Society Summaries

Jenny Levine over at theshiftedlibrarian provided some detailed posts on a variety of the presentations at Games + Learning + Society. The summaries are detailed and well worth the read. Many of you may have already seen Jenny's posts on GLS, but here are a few other worthwhile links for those interested in the sessions at GLS.

James Paul Gee kicked off with the conference at breakfast on Thursday morning. Headway Strategies has a summary of his comments that tie nicely into Jenny Levine's.

David Warlick's 2cents Worth blog has a variety of posts on his experiences and perceptions. I've followed David's blog since December and his commentaries are worth the time to read. He has a number of posts as covering day 1 and day 2 of GLS as well.

Mark Chen, who I've mentioned before, presented his paper at GLS, but he's also been blogging his experiences as well... check them out here.

Another presenter, Lisa Galarneau, posted her presentation slides over on her site Her presentation was about online gamers and their learning abilities. Her work is a great resource and it opens doors for changes in lesson plan design and how we interact with students.

Here are some additional links on feedback and experiences from other attendees:
Dr.B's Blog has quick summaries of most of the presenters. The post is a quick resource and overview of some key ideas presented

Over at mamamusings, Elizabeth Lane Lawley posted her reflections on the conference as well.

There's a lot of content to sift through on this conference and hopefully we'll continue to hear discussions on the applications that can come out of this conference.