Playing Catch Up After GLLS

I'd like to say that I was able to take a little break and relax after getting back from Chicago and but that hasn't been the case. I the ALA Tech Source Symposium,came back home to a sick wife and a week full of strategic planning meetings. While the meetings were productive and my wife is healthy, everything added up to a busy week that challenged me to hold on to the momentum of GLLS.

The Symposium itself was great and I throughly enjoyed the sessions and conversations each day. I'm thankful for the discussions I was able to have with people I've only traded emails with, and I feel fortunate to have made a handful of new contacts. I look forward to how everyone's projects work out over the coming year. There are a lot of exciting projects in the works and I hope that I'll be able to highlight some of them soon. It is great to see academic librarians approach videogames and information literacy from all different angles.

The more I talked with people at GLLS, the more I realized that what I started in our information literacy program last year was more than just tacking on gaming strategies to our sessions. What we have started at the University of Dubuque is a complete revision of our information literacy program through the lens of videogame strategies and game-based learning.

I will come back to this idea over the next couple of weeks as I develop it and share what this revision means in terms of teaching strategies, pedagogy, and ACRL standards. But before I begin that discussion, I want to reflect and analyze Henry Jenkins' and James Paul Gee's keynote speeches. I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts and applications from Jenkins' keynote at GLLS.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad GLLS 2007 was as inspiring for you as it was for me! My mind is *churning* on Greg Trefry's presentation, too, as well as those of all of the keynoters. It's going to be a great year for gaming in libraries.

I'm looking forward to updates on what you're doing, Paul, and I hope to see you on the stage presenting at GLLS 2008. :)

Nice to have finally met you in person!

Jenny Levine

Paul said...

Wow. Thanks Jenny, both for the comments and all the work you put into GLLS 2007.